Plasma Aesthetic Treatments

Don’t let the demands of life diminish your skin’s natural radiance & beauty. Replenish and invest in your skin with a specifically tailored program that addresses your skin’s needs.

Take your facial skincare to the next level with our luxurious Plasma Aesthetic facial rejuvenation treatments.

We strive to help our customers gain a youthful, radiant complexion without the use of invasive cosmetic surgery.

Reverse the signs of ageing, achieve a more youthful appearance without much downtime with Ablase Derma Pen technology. The Ablase technology uses combined energies to stimulate collagen production, improving your overall skin quality in areas that need it most as we age i.e. eyes, brow lines, cheeks and neck area.​

Some Benefits of Ablase Derma Pen Technology treatments include:

* Reduces skin sagging by tightening the skin;​
* Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles;
* Diminishes acne and acne scarring with the anti-bacterial cleansing action reducing oil levels;
* Helps the skin absorb nutrients further into the skin;
* Soothes skin to reduce redness;
* Accelerates skin repair improving texture and tone;
* Eradicates superficial lines and imparts a more youthful expression to the face;
* Increases cell metabolism;
* Enhances skin care product performance;
* Refines large, open pores;
* Helps fade Scars, Freckles, Age Spots and Redness

Ablase Method


Mint Skin and Laser use the Ablase method, a non-invasive skin surgery method with great returns, for its Plasma Aesthetic treatments. Through the Ablase Plasma device, the Ablase Method uses a small, electric arc, which treats the targeted derma and epidermal tissue, without thermal effect to the surrounding areas, with minimal risk of hyperpigmentation. The treatments include:​

Acne scar attenuation

Wrinkle removal (Full face)

Benign mole removal

Brown age spots removal

Moles/Skin tags/Benign Skin lesions removal

Tattoos removal

Permanent makeup/remodelling

Pigmentation treatment

Vascular therapy

Skin rejuvenation

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