Our Butt-Upp Pro treatments focus on lifting, tightening, and increasing the size of the Butt. The results are permanent, with no downtime, and because the ingredients are all natural, there are limited to no side effects. The treatment consists of the injecting of the ingredients which are naturally found in the body, in the butt area to stimulate it to achieve the desired results. The treatments can be many times as required, until the required results are achieved.

The ingredients consist of:

1. HA Alto Peso Molecular, which is in Spanish meaning including hyaluronic acid, a well-known skin ingredient that helps hydrate the outer
layers of the skin, boosting the volume/size and giving the needed lifting effect;
2. Amino Acids;
3. Vitamin B12;
4. DMAE – Unique ingredient which helps give a tightening effect;
5. Vitamin C.

We highly recommend a combination of the Butt-Upp Pro with Radio Frequency treatment, using our CE medically certified Cryolipolysis device to achieve optimal results.

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