We all know it can be had to lose weight, and it seems to get harder as we age. Or we lose weight in all the wrong places! There is a reason for this: once you reach adulthood, the number of fat cells in your body is more or less set. When you put on weight, it’s the existing cells that are expanding, and vice versa with losing weight – the cells ‘empty’ but they stay there – or they migrate to other areas in your body (which happens with exercise). The only way to get rid of adipose tissue cells permanently is to remove them. Up until recently this involved cutting them out. Not anymore!

Fat freezing and cellulite treatments with the Cryolipolysis laser device

Now, the latest innovation in instant weight loss and body contouring has done away with the need for surgery. The Cryolipolysis laser device is a CE Medically Certified Device that freezes fat adipose tissue, killing the fat cells. It is also used for the most effective cellulite reduction and prevention treatments in the body contouring industry.

Non-invasive removal of adipose tissue

With 360 Angle Cryolipolysis Technology, the Cryolipolysis laser device is used to freeze fat cells in selected areas. Post treatment, dead fat cells are eliminated naturally through the body with no adverse health effects.

The 3 step process involves:

  1. Freezing the fat cells
  2. Puncturing the cell walls with the ‘lipo laser’ to release the contents
  3. Using a method called cavitation to rupture the fat cells – further releasing contents and encouraging the full dissolution of cells.
  • The whole is painless (although there may be initial minor discomfort in the first few minutes)
  • There may some bruising in the areas treated, but otherwise there is no post-surgery recovery time or stitches.
  • Ideal to reduce or eliminate hard to shift fat deposits in the torso (waist and back) as well as on legs – upper legs below glutes, inner and outer thighs.

Cellulite reduction

Eliminating fat cells through this process is one of the most effective cellulite treatments available today. It can be done alone, or in tandem (in a series of treatments) with other non-invasive methods.

Find out more about our alternative to liposuction and our other cellulite reduction treatments – and how Cryolipolysis Laser – ‘Cool Sculpting’ Body Contouring Treatments works – step by step. 

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