Laser hair removal is the only way to remove unwanted hair effectively and permanently. It is non-invasive and perfectly safe when done by a certified laser hair technician and provided you are properly prepared.

Preparation is required as there are several factors that may impact on the efficacy and safety of the hair removal process. These include hair colour (melanin levels), skin condition, the area to be targeted, what medications you might be taking, and your overall health.
This necessitates a medical consultation (arranged on booking) to assess suitability, and what you need to do in advance and during the course of laser procedures.

Preparation should ideally start around 6 weeks before your first procedure. If this is not practical, discuss a suitable timeframe with your laser hair technician and at the medical consult.

Preparing for your laser hair removal session:

Minimum 2 weeks before your first session (and in-between sessions):

Laser hair removal targets on the hair roots – so ensure they are present.

  • Do not wax, epilate or pluck the hairs in the area you want targeted. However, you may shave the area.

The laser (IPL device) focuses and then targets the melanin in the hair follicle. To avoid the laser targeting melanin in the skin (leading to hyper-pigmentation or even burns):

  • Avoid any level of tanning. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and use a high UVA/UVB sunscreen if you go outside (including on an overcast day). Do not use any self-tanning products.
  • Avoid any skin procedures or treatments in the area to be targeted.

Minimum 5 days before (and in-between sessions):

Do not use any topical products that may induce photo-sensitivity on the target area. This includes anything with salicylic acid, hydroxy acids, peroxides and retinols.

Do not take any supplements or new medications*, if you don’t have to. This includes antibiotics. If you do, tell your technician before the session.

*You will have been advised at your initial consult re the impact of any existing oral prescription regimes – what to do and what to avoid.

No more than 24 hours before a session:

Shave the area where you will be having the hair roots lasered, but DO NOT WAX, PLUCK OR EPILATE.

Ensure the area is clean, dry and free of products … and you are ready for your first laser hair removal session!

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