Hot waxing is an ancient, tried, and tested method of hair removal. Although it can be painful, many swear by it as the best way to remove bikini line and leg hair.

Hot waxing is one of the better hair removal methods for the start of summer, as you do not need to worry about hair removal for several weeks afterwards. Done carefully and safely (ideally in a Salon) hot waxing is also popular as a method to reduce hair growth over time.

However, hot waxing has its drawbacks – especially when done at home with over-the counter hot wax products.

Disadvantages of hot waxing

  • Waxing can result in-grown hairs and other skin problems – from skin redness and bumps in the days directly after waxing to follicle damage and hyperpigmentation in the long term.
  • Waxing may not result in less or thinner hair. It may in fact result in the growth of shorter hairs that cannot be removed as easily.
  • There may be a loss of skin elasticity in a particular area over time due to the pulling and heating effects of waxing.
  • It can be painful and is not suitable for sensitive areas such as underarms.

Potential health dangers of hot waxing

Most of the disadvantages to hot waxing are cosmetic. However, they can lead to real health dangers

  • Hot Waxing can result in burns if not done responsibly.
  • Skin and follicle wounds pose a risk of infection
  • In-grown hairs can also very easily lead to infection.

Hot Waxing at home vs at a Salon

  • Although waxing can be a quick and efficient hair removal solution, it can be dangerous and is not the healthiest method for at home hair removal. Waxing can be especially dangerous for certain areas of the body if not done correctly. The more sensitive and thinner your skin, the more susceptible it is to irritation, burns, damage, and infection.
  • Done at home, from a pain perspective, hot waxing also not suitable for bikini lines either – even though, ironically, it is a preferred method of hair removal for bikini lines!

However, done correctly in a Salon, by a professional, hot waxing is far safer and less painful – and ideal for bikini lines as well as large areas of body hair.

Hot waxing may still be considered preferable to shaving in many cases. However, there are several other options that offer better long-term body hair management and healthier, safer, and better hair removal and reduction on hair growth over time.

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