IV Treatments

How IV Treatments can benefit your skin

Modern Living makes it hard to ensure that our diets provide us with optimal levels of essential nutrients to really thrive, and not just to get by!

This is where Vitamin Therapy is a fantastic way not only to complement our diets but to also give our body optimal vitamin, minerals and amino acids. The therapy is fast and effective and goes straight to your bloodstream, delivering fast and effective results.

Three huge benefits (there are so many more) are:


Stress and burnout


At Mint Skin and Laser, we prescribe these therapy treatments to address a number of conditions and customer goals. We will assess your personal needs and customise a vitamin infusion specifically for you.

The treatment frequency varies and is dependant on many factors. It can range from weekly to monthly or as needed during times of high stress.​

Vitamin Drips/IV Bar: These are used to boost the immune system, reduce fatigue, increase energy levels, tighten and brighten, complete rehydration with 100% absorption.

They take approximately 30-45 mins to administer. 

Our IV Treatments are administered by a registered nurse and by appointment only.

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