Lipo Injections

Our lipo injections treatments focus on burning fat, permanently killing fat cells, supressing appetite, overall weight loss and provide a tightening effect. The results are permanent, with no downtime, and because the ingredients are all natural, there are limited to no side effects. The treatment consists of the injecting of the ingredients which are naturally found in the body, in the specific areas of the body to stimulate that part of the body (e.g., abdomen, waist, thighs, love handles) to achieve the desired results. The treatments can be undertaken as many times as required, until the required results are achieved.

The ingredients consist of:

1. PCDC – Phosphatidylcholine – Permanently kills fat cells;
2. L-Carnitine – Turns fat into energy, Fat burner, appetite suppressant;
3. Sodium – helps with the absorption of other ingredients into the body so they can be more effective;
4. DMAE – Unique ingredient which helps give a tightening effect;
5. Amperloslim – targets cm’s loss, overall weight loss.

We highly recommend a combination of our lipo-injection treatments with our Radio Frequency, Cavitation and Lipo-laser treatments using our CE medically certified Cryolipolysis device to achieve optimal results.

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