We may commonly associate manicures and pedicures with women, but men enjoy being pampered and looking good too. Men get a men’s pedicure and a men’s manicure. Perhaps not as often as women do, but they do.

All Kinds of Men get Men’s Manicures

All Kinds of Men get Men’s Manicures

Manicures have always been popular among male company executives, as have other procedures that help them look good in the boardroom. Those hands need to look good while they make corporate decisions. The list could go on – but suffice to say that all men can benefit from men’s beauty procedures. It’s a relatively cheap treatment and it’s quick to do. In and out at lunch, and many men do it.

The number of men getting pedicures and manicures is increasing. It’s no longer seen as ‘not masculine’. Where once you’d only expect male models or celebrities to indulge in salon treatments, it’s more and more normal for your every-day man in the street. Whether it’s for pedicures, manicures, facials, teeth whitening, waxing, masks, lipo Injections…and more. We may have a way to go before we see as many male clientèle in spas, salons and beauty parlours, but ‘Men’s Spas’ are a thing again (as they were back in the heydays of the Roman Empire). As are men’s manicures and pedicures!

‘Men’s Manicures & Pedicures’: Beauty Treatments for Men’s Health

Manicures for Men: Many men who work with their hands can do with regular manicures for health reasons as well as a ‘hand and nail conditioning’ beauty treatment. Manicures can help prevent infections and diseases from bacteria or other organisms that get in through torn cuticles.

Men’s manicures differ from women’s manicures in the products used. Also, most men (not all) prefer not to have nail polish applied. Nails are also generally clipped and kept short. There is less emphasis on nails and more on supple, soft and blemish free skin, and healthy nails and cuticles. The focus – neat, tidy, presentable and ‘businesslike’.

A men’s manicure involves:

• Cutting back of nails and pushing back of cuticles
• Nail polish – with a clear nail varnish that conditions the nail, and adds shine – without it being obvious that there is nail polish on at all.
• Treatment of hang nails and other common nail problems in men.
• Hand and finger massage
• Application of skin products designed for male skin – for hydration and other skin treatments and skin care.

Pedicures for Men: Regular pedicures can also help prevent foot diseases ad deformation. In addition, pedicures can help prevent foot issues such as corns, gout and arthritis, which are common among men

Male pedicures include all the same procedures and treatments as men’s manicures, with some extras. These include:

• Filing of dead skin.
• Treatment for nail issues such as foot fungus.
• Treatment of corns.

So, ladies, if you want your man to look as good as they can, with healthy nails and skin on good looking hands and feet…treat him to a ‘Men’s Pedicure’ or a ‘Men’s Manicure’. Or better – treat your man to both at the same time.