Hair Removal Methods

There are several methods of hair removal we can use to rid ourselves of unwanted body hair. Some can be done at home, some at a salon or at home, and others only at a salon.

The following is a short explanation of each type or method of hair removal. Some may be more suitable for some areas of the body than others – with some also better for long term reduction in hair growth.

1. Shaving – daily at home hair removal with a razor

Shaving is easy and convenient as it is done at home with a razor, but inefficient as a hair removal method as it does not remove hairs from the base of the follicle, only cuts them off near the skin. Hair grows back visibly within 24 hours. Can result in cuts, skin irritation and in-grown hairs. New hair growth is blunted and so can appear thicker and darker.

2. Plucking – hair removal with tweezers

An Ideal method of hair removal for small areas or errant hair growth. Not suitable for large areas. Plucking is generally reserved for shaping eyebrows or removing chin hairs. Plucking can be a great way to reduce hair growth over time as the hairs do grow back finer and less visible.

3. Depilatory Creams – hair removal creams containing thioglycolic acid

Depilatory creams remove hair by altering the structure of the hair, gradually dissolving proteins it. Hair can then be wiped off. Depilatory creams can be used anywhere on the body. There is no pain nor any risk of injury. It is not the most efficient form of hair removal if you need it done fast. However, the hair does take longer to grow back. Depilatory creams can also reduce hair growth over time. It’s also essential to test for skin sensitivity before applying the cream over an area.

4. Hot Waxing – an ancient hair removal method using sugar or beeswax

Invented by the ancient Egyptians, hot waxing is a popular hair removal method for bikini lines and legs. Hot waxing can be done at home with over-the-counter sugar wax. However, it can be dangerous, not to mention very painful, if not done properly. Hot waxing is better done in a salon where these is no risk of burns, and it can be done quickly and efficiently.

5. Hair Threading – another ancient method of hair removal

Hair threading is an old, tried, and tested method of hair removal for facial hair in particular. Also used for shaping eyebrows, hair threading involves twisting cotton around the hair and then pulling on it to pull the hair out at the follicle. Best done in a salon due to the technical skill required for precision hair removal.

6. Laser Hair Removal – a Salon only medical procedure

Always done in salons, laser hair removal involves using lasers beams to target teach hair at the base of the follicle. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair cells in the follicle. This heats the cells and destroys them. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and is always done in consultation with a medical professional. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce hair growth in both the short and long term.

7. Electrolysis – hair removal at the hair root

Electrolysis is another highly effective method of hair removal that is best done in a salon. This method involves targeting the root of the hair, in the hair follicle, with an electric pulse that destroys the hair root with heat. Electrolysis is also used to remove skin blemishes.

8. Epilators – hair removal with home epilation devices

Epilation is another popular method of hair removal for long term reduction in hair growth and the need for hair removal. Epilators can be used safely at home or as part of a salon treatment. The only real drawback is that this method of hair removal can be a little painful at first. It is also not suitable for tight or hard to reach areas.

With so many methods of hair removal at our disposal, body hair has become a minor inconvenience that can be dealt with at home or in a salon, or both.

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