Smile lines (Nasolabial lines), Frown lines, Crows Feet, Glabellar lines, Neck area and Decollete area
The Ablase Device is a small hand-held device that uses a small plasma arc to stimulate dermal and epidermal tissue. Also called a Derma Pen, it is used for Plasma Aesthetic Facial Rejuvenation Treatments – using the ‘Ablase Method’. It is a CE Medically Certified device. This is an Industry recognised guarantee of safety and efficacy. It is ideal for non-invasive surgery (so called Soft Surgery) – offering full facelift outcomes that compete with surgical facelifts, but without the surgery. No cutting, stitching or tissue damage.

Employed in a series of sessions – anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes in duration – the Ablase Device is used to:

* Reduce and repair sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, soften heavy frown lines (which can be smoothed if not fully removed) and help prevent or slow the appearance of further lines and wrinkles. Superficial lines can be eradicated entirely.
The overall health of your skin is also improved during the treatments, encouraging glowing skin and a more youthful and radiant appearance overall. The reappearance of lines or appearance of new lines and wrinkles is vastly reduced with regular treatments, thanks to the vascular benefits of the treatments.

* Diminish acne and acne scarring. The Ablase Method also has an anti-bacterial effect. This helps to reduce oil levels in the skin while stimulating oxygenation and tissue repair. Although not a full acne treatment on its own for severe acne, it can form a crucial part of a holistic acne treatment plan. This will vastly increase the efficacy of all the treatments, helping to clear up even the worst cases with minimal scarring and healthy, glowing skin.

The Ablase Method is also used for:

  • Refining large and open pores
  • Overall and targeted vascular therapy
  • Removal of benign moles, tags and lesions, skin age-related discolorations and pigmentation, including so-called ‘liver spots’.
  • Non-invasive (non-ablation) tattoo reduction and removal without scarring.

Facials with the Ablase device attachments, which allow for more product penetration, can significantly delay and even reverse the subtle signs of aging – giving a more plumped skin, helping you starve off wrinkles and sagging skin and tissue,

The device stimulates blood circulation. This oxygenates the cells and helps circulate nutrients and the ingredients in skin applications. Not only will your face be lifted and contoured, but your complexion is thus also given an extra boost. Tighter skin, healthier, plumped tissues, reduced, or eliminated under-eye shadows and a youthful glow!
Treatments with the device also stimulate collagen production and increase cell metabolism, accelerating repair and improving tone and texture, and reducing redness.

The Ablase method specifically also enables fractional plasma as well as mesotherapy treatments.

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