Lipotropic injections (or ‘Lipo injections’) are fat burning injectables that deliver a mix of Vitamin B12 and other supplements directly to areas of the body with large subcutaneous fat deposits. These areas include the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

Lipo Injections and their Ingredients – for Weight Loss, Improved Energy and Better Health

The main ingredient in lipotropic injections is Vitamin B12. Other ingredients that may or may not be added to the injectable mix include Vitamin B6, a Vitamin B Complex, L-Carnitine, Phentermine and ‘Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and MIC – a combo of Choline, Inositol and Methionine.

  • Lipo injections aid weight loss by stimulating the metabolism of fat. They are not injected into fat to dissolve it, but because the ingredients are fat soluble. Most can be stored by the body for a week, to be used by the body as needed.
  • The metabolic fat burning effect is obtained through correcting the deficiencies that slow the metabolism – lead to a spiral of weight gain, low energy levels and the lethargy that promotes more weight gain.

Lipo injections can also consist solely of Vitamin B12. However, the pure B12 is usually administered as a health supplement – for an energy boost or for treatment of B12 deficiency. Pure B12 lipo injections can be one-off injections, and most pharmacies are able to offer them on demand.

B12 lipo may also be prescribed by a doctor as part of an ongoing treatment plan to correct low energy from a B12 deficiency rather than for weight loss. In this case, injections may be administered once or twice a week by a qualified medical professional, or prescribed to self-administer at home.

Before and after lipo injections

Lipotropic Treatments – a Medical Aesthetics Treatment

Lipo injection treatments for weight loss are mostly offered by health spas and weight loss clinics.
Lipotropic injections are classed as minimally invasive ‘aesthetic treatments’. As such, they need to be administered by a qualified aesthetician, nurse or doctor with certification in administering lipotropic treatments.

  • Lipo injections will be prescribed according to what ingredients offer the most benefit and the safest most effective treatment for a particular individual. Considerations include general state of health, energy levels, nutrient deficiencies and weight loss goals.
  • Lipotropics are most effective for weight loss when the lipotropic treatment is done in conjunction with an exercise and diet-based weight loss program.
  • As a general guide, injections are administered once a week. This is because the ‘fat burning’ metabolic effects only last for around a week. Lipo treatments therefore involve weekly injections as part of a tailored weight loss and diet program, over a period of a few weeks to several months.

Safe Weight Loss with Lipotropic Injections

Most ingredients in Lipo injections are safe to in unregulated or large amounts. The body will simply excrete any excess through urine.

Lipotropics are considered to be safe in general. However, certain ingredients may cause side effects in some patients.

Lipo injection treatments with multi-ingredient lipotropic injectables should be tailored off the back of a medical. Treatments should also be closely monitored to ensure maximum safety along with the maximum metabolic, weight loss and health benefits these complex lipo injectables can offer.