Steam facials utilise the immediate benefits of a steam treatment to maximise the efficacy of topical facial products. But it’s not just the expensive ingredients that will make your skin look better than ever over time. It’s also thanks to the steam treatment itself.

Steam facials and steam treatment benefits include: 

1. Deep cleansing and improved permeability.

The steam opens the pores in your skin. This makes it far easier to clean out dirt and bacteria from your pores.

Face steam treatments make it possible to remove blackheads gently and thoroughly, without trauma to the surrounding tissues.

2. Improved circulation and a glowing complexion

The warm steam dilates the blood vessels and capillaries in your face. This improves circulation, bringing nutrients and water to your facial skin cells. This does not give you a healthy glow immediately after the treatment; it promotes a glowing, healthy complexion in the long term.

(The steam will not cause permanent redness unless it is too hot, or you do the treatments too often)

3. Silky smooth skin – with tightened pores and a finer texture

As your skin dries, the open pores, now clean, will close tighter than before the treatment. This combined with improved circulation, will improve your skin’s texture dramatically. The benefit will be seen (and felt) long after the treatment.

4. Naturally hydrated skin

Steam treatments also encourage oil production, which helps to hydrate and moisturise your skin naturally. This will reduce the need for heavy moisturisers and help protect your skin from the elements.

5. Natural facial contouring

Steam treatments help to tighten skin, while regular steam facials promote the production of both collagen and elastin. This will improve facial contours and help you look younger, for longer.

Steam facials and treatments offer an inexpensive way to dramatically improve the health and appearance of your facial skin!

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