Medical Aesthetics is a category of medical practice that deals with aesthetics – or how people look. It offers skin treatments, tissue and other body treatments for cosmetic purposes.

Medical Aesthetics:

  • Comprises of a variety of cosmetic procedures commonly offered by spas, salons, cosmetic surgeries, dermatologists, and by some General Practitioners.
  • Involves non-invasive (or minimally invasive) techniques to achieve a variety of cosmetic (aesthetic) outcomes.
  • Includes skin treatments, tissue treatments and injectable s,
  • Can be applied for beauty enhancement with facial treatments, body sculpting, corrective treatments for dermal conditions, and to enhance the outcomes of invasive (surgical) cosmetic procedures.

Medical Aesthetics Procedures

The cosmetic procedures offered by practitioners of medical aesthetics include:

  • Botox®
  • Dermal fillers
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Dermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microneedling
  • Photofacial treatments
  • Cellulite reduction treatments
  • Body contouring
  • Lazer hair removal
  • Lazer skin treatments for Acne, scars, and other skin conditions
  • Vein and capillary reduction
  • Tattoo removals
  • Teeth whitening

Who can practice Medical Aesthetics

Only qualified medical aestheticians, doctors, and nurses with certification in medical aesthetics, may administer the cosmetic procedures classed as medical aesthetic procedures.

Most spas and salons offering medical aesthetic procedures do so along with a variety of other cosmetic services that are not classed as medical procedures.
The medical aesthetic procedures offered will usually be administered by a trained and appropriately certified nurse or dermatologist. Deepening on the size of the salon or spa and the portfolio of MA procedures offered, they may be an in-house practitioner, or brought in to administer the procedures by appointment,

Qualified medical aestheticians who do are not doctors or nurses, usually work in consultation with a suitably qualified doctor, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon.

Nurses administering medical aesthetic procedures work under the external supervision of a doctor, dermatologist, or surgeon. The supervisory or consultation requirement depends on the procedure, the reasons for it, and the medical risks involved.

Certain medical aesthetics procedures are also commonly offered by cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery practices.

What you need to know before considering a medical aesthetic treatment

Most spas and beauty salons offer at least a few medical aesthetic procedures and treatments. Due to the medical nature of these procedures, you may need to book a medical consultation either at or through the spa prior to embarking on a treatment program. Other one-off treatments may not need a pre appointment but may require a post procedure follow up.

Many medical aesthetic treatments and treatment programs require a supervised pre and after-procedure regimen. This may involve medication and dietary interventions, targeted skin care regimes and staying out of the sun. Other preparations and follow-up care may involve changing certain skin-care products, cutting out certain foods, supplements, or medications, as well as quitting or drastically reducing smoking and alcohol consumption.

Medical aesthetic procedures and treatments are both effective and safe when administered correctly and with the correct pre-consults, medical supervision, and after-care.

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